Forum 2000 Secretariat - Centro Nueva Mayoria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Forum 2000 Secretariat and the Centro de Estudios Nueva Mayoría from Buenos Aires, Argentina, wish to inform that as from November 17th, 2002, a permanent link has been set up between the web site of Forum 2000 - ( - and that of Centro de Estudios Nueva Mayoria - ( whose reach covers the whole of Latin America and the Spanish speaking world.

The ethical and human purposes, goals and principles to which H.E. the President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Vaclav Havel, has been committed throughout his life and have inspired him to establish Forum 2000 are fully shared. With such permanent link, the Argentine Republic wishes to recognize the great statesman, intellectual and profound humanist that is the President of the Czech Republic, and in such way, to contribute to the promotion of Forum 2000, his constructive foreign policy initiative.

The Executive Director of the Forum 2000 Secretariat, Mr. Oldrich Cerný and the Director of the Centro de Estudios Nueva Mayoria , Dr. Rosendo Fraga, are extremely pleased with this important new form of cooperation that will contribute to bring both countries further closer together and to promote greater knowledge of the Forum 2000 Conferences.

Prague, 20th October 2002

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